Terms of Service

The terms of service explain how our website works, the user when visiting Image Housing is conditioned to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use described below.

Conditions of use

The site is available for access by all people without age restrictions and therefore you need to agree with some conditions when using our services.

In order to provide a secure service for our users it is not allowed to send images:

  • Copyrighted if you don't own copyright on them
  • Sexual, provocative, violent or prejudiced content
  • Images of drugs weapons or drinks
  • Any content that may infringe on the rights of others
  • Disgusting explicit or disgusting content that causes any type of discomfort to other users
  • Turned, distorted, small or low-resolution images

Also do not use our website to host image libraries that you link to elsewhere content for your website advertising avatars or anything else that makes us your content delivery network.

All uploaded content is verified by our team and images that violate our terms of service will be deleted without notice. Users who insist on sending such images will be blocked from sending other images.